When I moved to Yorkton in 2001, I had no idea I’d become passionate about our business community to the degree that I have.

Having served on the Chamber’s Board of Directors since 2016, I’ve learned that Yorkton is in good hands with a dedicated group of people focused on working for the betterment of everyone.  While we advocate on behalf of the business community, we all realize that the healthier the city is on the commercial level; the better it is for all citizens too.


2019 is going to be an active year and we will be listening to our members on all matters of concern; especially when it comes to the federal government’s intent to impose a hurtful carbon tax.  

We will also continue to build on our relationship with City officials to better understand one another and work towards common ground so that business can have an opportunity to thrive, but also to understand why certain rules and regulations are put into place.  Often times, it’s simple communication that allows us to remove roadblocks to being competitive.

I believe our relationship with the city has been strengthened over the years and that has allowed us to, successfully, advocate on behalf of our members in an effective manner.  We will continue to build on what has been established.

If you have any concerns, remember the Yorkton Chamber Directors are here for you.  You have invested in your business by becoming a member of the Yorkton Chamber. Your membership dues allow for you to have an added voice. It’s our duty to help represent you and if you aren’t sure if the Chamber can help, you should still ask.  Increasing awareness for our members continues to also be a priority. Please feel free to reach out to any of us. We have a very strong group of incoming Directors and I’m excited to work with each of them and we, as a collective group, look forward to interacting with our members in 2019.

Mike Stackhouse, President



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